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Let’s Rock …!!!!


When it comes to take pictures of a live music concert, it’s not easy for a photographer to transmit the emotions, the vibrations of what the band is playing. But still, with a more artistic and creative way of taking pictures, it’s still possible to set in tune with the artist and let the viewer perceive his music.

We use a more creative and uncommon techniques, that allow me to take very special pictures at concerts.

We are available for any assignment concerning Live events. Please contact me for more information.


I have a background as musician, and I love to work with music artists, and I immediately understand their needs and come out with great ideas. For the “Machbeth”, a famous Italian Rock Band,  we realized a complete photo shooting for their latest album “Neo Gothic Propaganda”.

The pictures were taken in an abandoned factory, where we played with lights and smoke effects in order to create the desired feeling that the band requested.

Please contact me for more information, I’ll be happy to arrange a hi-standard photo service for you.