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Freeze the Action …!!!

faviconWe have been working as official photographers for the National Oldtimer Motocross Championship, and for the Sidecarcross National Championship for year in Italy.

The atmosphere of the race fields is just unique. Racing for someone who does motocross is not only a sport, is a lifestyle. Italy has a very strong tradition for Motocross, and actually the 8 time world champion Antonio Cairoli is a typical Italian racer. Brave, technically impeccable, drives clean and smoothly and his style is very efficient. He is capable of making difficult things to become easy … the same as we do for you when we come to photograph your event …!!!

We can cover competitions as well as training sessions or even personal photo shoots, you’ll get some incredible profesisonal picture that will always remember the magic moments of driving your motor bike …


The craziness of jumps and drifts caught in a fraction of a second ...


We cover all type of raxces and track day events. No matter how fast you are ... we'll catch you ...!!!

faviconWhen you happen to work for a Motorsport Event, it’s just the best job you can get. For someone like myself, born in Monza (Milan)-Italy, home of the oldest race track in Europe (maybe in the world), the sound of an engine is not a noise but it’s simply Music …!!!

We cover all type of events, from national competitions to race track days for clubs. We have many years of experience across the most famous track of Europe, and we have the right skill to know how to get amazing pictures of moving fast cars.